Sarpanch of Alamgir Village S.Jaswinder Singh Grewal
Mobile Number : +91 98143 23445

Some projects are already completed and others are under construction during term of current Sarpanch of Alamgir Village S.Jaswinder Singh Grewal.

“Note: If you would like to donate money for the village, please contact the village Sarpanch of Alamgir, S.Jaswinder Singh Grewal. Your help will be greatly appreciated.”

Some of the projects are complete and other are under constructions or in planning stages. There are some following projects are listed..
The builing of Govt. Sr. Sec. School is under construction at appx. cost of Rs.10,00,000/-
New water tank is under construction at appx. cost of Rs. 72,15,000/-
Sewerage system is in village under planning stages at appx. cost of Rs. 1,00,05,000/-
Building of Bhai Nigahia Singh Ji hall is completed at appx. cost of Rs.6,20,000/-
For the sitting purpose of elderaly man of the village alamgir, (3 Chaundtras) is completed at the
cost of Rs.3,00,000/-
New street for build at the appx. cost of Rs.7,00,000/-
New drains are built at the appx. cost of Rs. 2,50,000/-
In the memory of Baba Maan Singh, the garewal 1.5 k.m. road is completed with the gretest efforts
of S.Manpreet Singh Ayali (Chairman of Zila Parishad of Ludhiana). Garewal families of
Alamgir greataly appreciate for his efforts during the compliton of this projects.
Three submersible pumps were installed for water supply of village Alamgir.
New floor were built arround historical mandir (Bawa Dera) in village Alamgir, beautiful landscape
was also done during this projects.
















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